Scattered Podcast Ep. 56: Female Doctor Who

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Are you mad that a lady is taking over the role of the Doctor? Don’t understand why things have to change? Well, sorry, we really don’t feel that bad about it. Oops.
In fact, we look forward to a lady condescending to some dumb dudes for once.
We are also big fans of old screw ball comedies for the same reason.

Its a Raymond, Erik and Randy show, so be prepared to be underwhelmed yet disgusted.


Scattered Podcast Ep. 56: Female Doctor Who

Scattered Podcast Ep. 55: Climate Change


We try to figure out the causes of climate change, and we come across some interesting ideas about cow weaponization. (Don’t do it.)

We also imagine the best fast food couples and what their fast food babies would be like.

This is also Nate’s final show in the US! He is leaving to Botswana with his wife to serve in the Peace Corps for the next two years. We wish him the safest and best time. We plan on having occasional updates from his world travels these next few years, so don’t worry, the best part of the show will still be around-ish.



Scattered Podcast Ep. 55: Climate Change

Scattered Podcast Ep. 53: Exercise


In this episode, we get jacked and talk about all the psychoses of the Winnie the Pooh characters.

We also name our future comic book company: Money Udders Comics.
Its only Erik, Raymond and Randy this episode, so the most in shape person on our show, Nate, had no time for our nonsense.

Scattered Podcast Ep. 53: Exercise

Scattered Podcast Ep. 52: Summertime Activities!


Bust out your flip flops, beach towels and crack open all the cold ones: ITS SUMMER, BITCHES.

The gang talks about the best summer fun, summer foods and summer diseases!

Randy couldn’t join this episode, but we have a special new guest, Steve Coyle!
Thanks for being the cooler dude, Steve.

Scattered Podcast Ep. 52: Summertime Activities!